localshred's Recent Goals

3241 days ago
Teach codycody some js
3242 days ago
Integrate the public controller for msgr to the whole app
3244 days ago
Do a wonder jig that osg is back... to stay!
3254 days ago
Install monit or god or litespeed to calm ruby down
3259 days ago
Finish testing DataQuery, or else...
3264 days ago
Finish testing DataQuery
3265 days ago
Get into "the zone" for 1 hour, again
3266 days ago
Get into "the zone" for 1 hour
3294 days ago
Go to the RSL game!
3351 days ago
Pickup the race packet in SLC
3352 days ago
Complete a good Bike/Run brick
3359 days ago
Run 4 miles
3363 days ago
Get my hair cut!
3373 days ago
Get the rand9 blog working with nginx/thin on development
3382 days ago
Finish the items on my todo list
3383 days ago
Write a new blog post tonight (about something).
3385 days ago
Investigate memory hogs on the server (with Ryan's assistance)
3386 days ago
Play with my kids instead of being on the computer
3387 days ago
Integrate Twitter to OSG!
3389 days ago
Integrate Twitter to OSG!
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