localshred's Recent Goals

2011 days ago
Bask in the glory of osg
2609 days ago
Replace two Cokes with Water :)
2695 days ago
Final once-over on the chapter list. Make sure we're not missing anything.
2697 days ago
Create a structured plan for my January 2011 #AOF
2786 days ago
Go to sleep before at 8:30 PM
2916 days ago
Make rand9 posting less abrasive
2917 days ago
Write the first of the ruby daily series
2968 days ago
Get 50% through LP tasks
3015 days ago
Cancel cards auction
3016 days ago
Send Jared the remote. But for reals cause I found it.
3017 days ago
Send Jared the remote.
3018 days ago
Finally paint wall patches I did last August. Go me.
3020 days ago
List the cards, pad, and iMac on KSL or eBay
3027 days ago
Push out some code to OSG. Anything.
3043 days ago
Models and schema completed for TC
3058 days ago
Cancel quarry membership
3067 days ago
Have a working settings interface
3079 days ago
Enable goal-setting for non-logged in users
3084 days ago
Have a working ExtractPortalServlet using the new AbstractController stuff
3088 days ago
Get subs working again for dpx
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