Recent Goals

3211 days ago
kuru go to sleep
3218 days ago
stil370 take care of alan
3222 days ago
localshred Make rand9 posting less abrasive
3223 days ago
localshred Write the first of the ruby daily series
3257 days ago
iamnotkorr Complete linkwheek strategy
3258 days ago
iamnotkorr Find every category's icon set.
3274 days ago
rexvail Design a very simple, beautiful, OSG-like website
3274 days ago
ideint Use OSG to post goals to Twitter
3274 days ago
localshred Get 50% through LP tasks
3321 days ago
localshred Cancel cards auction
3322 days ago
localshred Send Jared the remote. But for reals cause I found it.
3323 days ago
localshred Send Jared the remote.
3324 days ago
localshred Finally paint wall patches I did last August. Go me.
3326 days ago
localshred List the cards, pad, and iMac on KSL or eBay
3331 days ago
orion104 Help James complete his php project
3333 days ago
localshred Push out some code to OSG. Anything.
3334 days ago
stephencooper File all my papers
3341 days ago
knfr Write 1 page of text about hormones for chapter B-2.4
3342 days ago
knfr Zusammenstellung der Definitionen von 'Sex/Gender' aus den fMRI-Studien in einer Tabelle
3349 days ago
localshred Models and schema completed for TC
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