Recent Goals

3374 days ago
rexvail meditate before class.
3374 days ago
pxlninja Find out where Alan is.
3376 days ago
localshred Final once-over on the chapter list. Make sure we're not missing anything.
3377 days ago
ajb1970 Bring Boxes to Mom's to clear out basement
3378 days ago
localshred Create a structured plan for my January 2011 #AOF
3379 days ago
rexvail Create my scorecard once again.
3431 days ago
3439 days ago
cataclysmicevolution make a beautiful presentation
3465 days ago
mfelix get the css done
3466 days ago
djhilt Add one new element to my training curriculum.
3467 days ago
djhilt Post a blog on my website about setting goals.
3467 days ago
localshred Go to sleep before at 8:30 PM
3487 days ago
aroy Complete stuff for my group
3504 days ago
zappasherpa get everyone moving - sign up kids for fall sports
3506 days ago
retriever go for a run every morning
3510 days ago
zappa.sherpa unclutter home workspace
3525 days ago
grainsdecesames Faire un timelapse des étoiles.
3530 days ago
grainsdecesames Prendre une chauve-souris en photo.
3531 days ago
eogez Ecrire l'article sur "One Simple Goal"
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