Recent Goals

3537 days ago
rexvail re-build ambiance tracks (lower volume on BB)
3537 days ago
localshred Do a swim/run brick workout
3537 days ago
bennett.joel Swim 400 meters
3538 days ago
rexvail Edit everything I've recorded
3539 days ago
rexvail Attend all of church
3540 days ago
missred Get ready for Sunday
3542 days ago
localshred Go running with my beautiful wife on the beach!
3542 days ago
bennett.joel Time my 300 meter swim
3544 days ago
rexvail Finish recording the next half of the intro.
3549 days ago
rexvail Create 1 hour of content
3550 days ago
bennett.joel swim 1 mile and get rid of this headache!
3550 days ago
localshred Swim 200m without stopping
3551 days ago
bennett.joel Weights and Running!!!!!
3552 days ago
bennett.joel Swim 1 mile
3552 days ago
nospamdan install kde on solaris
3554 days ago
rexvail Write full intro product.
3555 days ago
3556 days ago
rexvail fix first tracks in demo, create tutorial video
3556 days ago
bennett.joel Climb a 11c today!
3557 days ago
localshred Setup zule and rand9 emails through google apps
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